To apply:


If you are interested in joining the group and would like to know about current opportunities, please contact Prof. Vezenov and attach a statement of research interests and other relevant information (CV with a list of publications and names of references).


Postdoctoral research:


We currently do not have an open postdoctoral position.


Graduate students:


All students in the group are enrolled in the graduate program with the department of chemistry, although enrollment in a bioengineering Ph.D. program is also possible (inquire directly with Prof. Vezenov). The graduate studies in the group are typically funded through a combination of teaching and research assistantships and departmental fellowships.


Inquires about chemistry graduate admissions can be directed here.


Undergraduate students:


We have multiple opportunities for undergraduate students looking to get involved in independent laboratory research. Undergraduates in our laboratory have the opportunity to conduct independent projects on a range of interdisciplinary problems. Students with concentrations in chemistry, pre-medical, chemical engineering, or bioengineering are encouraged to contact us.


Opportunities exist to conduct research for credit (CHM 177, CHM 375, CHM 376 in LU course catalog), through federal work-study program, or during summer. Honors in chemistry require six or more credit hours of undergraduate research followed by a research presentation to a committee of the faculty members. Results of research can also be presented at Lehigh’s undergraduate research conferences or published in “Lehigh Review”. Sustained effort typically results in a co-authored peer-reviewed journal publication.